The discreetly elegant one.
Small, elegant U-shaped two-prong hook. Because of its discreet, delicate and slim form it is frequently used in ladies' wear. It is particularly well suited for slim waistband widths.

Our products for the clothing industry. The use of hooks and bars as waistband fasteners guarantees a constant, perfect fit of the waistband and therefore also of the garment. Zips and buttons are not exposed to tension, waistbands fit well, which allows a perfect fit for a longer period. The stretching as well as the fraying of buttonholes or the loosening of buttons does not occur and press studs no longer jump open.

In use worldwide. Our hooks and bars sit securely and do not twist, are quick and easy to open. Even for children. Its secure attachment on thick or thin material is a further advantage of our system. The extensive usage possibilities in the men's, the ladies', the children's, the professional and the ski clothing industry or with riding articles make GUTOS hooks and bars a worldwide recognised and used fastening system.

The individual production of highly specialized products. We adjust our attaching tools and machines according to the type of production and choice of waistband finishing so that an optimal and economic production is possible, from our hand press right through to our fully automatic presses.

High reliability. The extensively developed and reliable attaching technology together with our products guarantees a smooth production. Through the continuous further development of our products in connection with the attaching tools and machines we are able to improve our system technology constantly.

Efficient production planning. Management and supply costs can be reduced throughout the production process. No order specific adjustments to individual buttons or thread colours are necessary. Our metal colours allow an easy stockpiling, stockkeeping and a reduction of setup times and costs.

The time factor. The dispatch of our products straight from our company or from one of our stock rooms guarantee a worldwide, quick delivery to all our customers. Our products are produced environmentally friendly and almost all our products are certified according to the ÍKO TEX Standard 100 for the clothing industry.

The material factor. Nickel-free surfaces are standard and available in various colours. We produce our hooks and bars from materials and in designs that outspan the life of the garments and hardly even show any changes despite numerous washings. Through the secure riveting technology it is no longer necessary to supply spare buttons and money can be saved.

Almost for every garment. Through the use of hooks and bars it is possible to choose from a large variety of creative possibilities for the waistband. The fastening system not only serves to raise the function ability of the waistband but also offers a decorative alternative to buttons.

A wide range for all materials. Thanks to our various models and designs it is possible to emphasize the attaching system or to integrate it harmoniously into the garment. The metal colours of the hooks and bars harmonize very well with all sorts of different materials.

Design for well-known trademarks. The secure un-twistable GUTOS system enables the fastening of a visible cap on the outside of the waistband, which has the customer's logo on it.

Individuality for every wish. Whether only with hooks and bars or in connection with other fasteners, or hidden in the waistband or riveted is of no importance to us; we will do our utmost to fulfil our customers' individual ideas with the help of our attaching system technology.